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Effectively reduce business operating costs by providing reliable and punctual accounting & corporate services at reasonable cost

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    Intime Accounting Services

    Intime offers cost effective and efficient corporate services solutions in Singapore to help organisation systematically run non-core activities. We work to ensure that you stay informed of your cash flow, minimize processing time and avoid penalties, so that you focus on your core business activities and make informed decisions

    Intime Corporate Services

    As a trusted and reliable one-stop corporate service provider in Singapore, Intime specialize in accounting, tax compliance, payroll and corporate secretarial services and we have a team of specialized professionals with the relevant knowledge and expertise. We are registered as Filing Agent with ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Registration Authority of Singapore) to do business entity registration and other filing transactions on behalf of our clients.

    We strive to deliver top notch corporate services in Singapore and be a trusted and premium choice corporate service provider in Singapore for Small & Medium Enterprises to help businesses effectively reduce their operating cost by providing reliable & in-time services at an affordable rate. Our team consist of some of the best industry’s experienced corporate service professionals with years of training experiences.


    "I worked with Intime team for many years . They help us for liaison with auditor. Under serious accounting issues and very tight timeline, they help us pass that time finally. They are very nice and willing to help us when we seek thier advices. It's a good experience working with them."
    nattida techavoraprasert
    "it's a commitment they consistently exceed. But they've sold themselves short; it's not just about being on time; it's about being ahead of time. In good time or bad, Intime always delivers the professionalism, expertise, and responsiveness that I need. And in times of need, they're a trusted pair of hands I confidently entrust my financials to, providing me with peace of mind."
    Jackson Ng
    COO & CTO
    "I had the privilege of working with InTime over a period of 2 years (2019-2021). They are excellent at their job, and extremely responsive and flexible on all kinds of adhoc requests. I would highly recommend partnering with them for your organisation's needs."
    Avijit Agarwal